We believe there’s an opportunity in every breath

Breath is for everybody hence everybody has an opportunity. This applies to the ones who often feel stressed, fatigued, and have sleep issues, but also for those who are content, satisfied, and thriving. You live your life on your terms but there is one thing you can never ignore — your breath.

Every breath you take is a small step towards the opportunity you create for yourself. Breathe easy and thrive daily, so always keep your breath on your side!

This natural phenomenon is packed with energy, so make use of it. If you have the power to control your breath, you have the power to do anything! All you have to do is tap into it and this is where Glimp helps you. Our purpose is to provide a glimpse of hope to build a stress-resilient society.  


Glimp helps to develop healthy habits to make a resilient society

Breathing is the first thing you did…and the last thing you will do. In today’s fast-paced world, we have put breathing in the back seat. Unlike the ancient days when everybody practiced healthy breathing, today we don’t even know the basics of breathing. Burnout, employee absenteeism, decreased productivity and motivation as well as chronic stress show the immediate need to catch your breath, the right way!

Daily breathing exercises can help you become resilient.
Our vision is to make this fast-paced society stress-resilient by starting right from the basics - helping you catch your breath!


Breathing new life into work culture: stress is not the standard

We are your all-in-one solution. We empower people to be the best version of themselves. We achieve this by:  

  1. Bringing data science to mental health: We want to give you an insight into your mental health right from your home. No more mindfulness without real evidence. Glimp is striving to use the power of AI, bio-monitoring, and data science to make this easily accessible for your own tracking and improvement.
  2. Guided breathwork: The tempo of your breathing is highly related to how your body deals with stress. Breath control can help to reduce stress and deal with a high workload. Our product, the Pebbles, holds your hands and teaches you with its vibrations different breathing techniques. It creates an immersive experience by targeting two of your sense organs - auditory and touch.
  3. Vitality: Glimp helps to breathe life into you. We believe that prevention is better than cure, so we put our efforts into keeping you healthy, happy, and resilient to avoid more significant health issues in the future. Glimp’s method is used to stay one step ahead of illnesses, decrease absenteeism from work, and increase work-life balance. Through our vitality program, we train people to become resilient for the rest of their life.

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