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Glimp’s vitality program helps you to become stress-resilient, through bio-feedback and the healthy habit of conscious breathing.

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The power of breath

Make a habit of slow breathing. Our scientifically based breathing exercises help the body to relax naturally.

Guidance at home

The Pebbles provide guided breathing exercises through haptic and auditory feedback. When your left hand vibrates, you inhale. When your right hand vibrates, you exhale. You just need to focus on the vibrations, the rest is based on intuition. This will naturally ease your mind.

Glimp Pebbles use with app

Grip on mental health

Learn to listen to your body’s signals through this insightful app. Monitor the effect of the breathing exercise on your body and see the result directly in the app. See progress in your personal recovery or work with your therapist on one of the treatment plans available in the app.

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Glimp coaching

A Glimp coach provides a holistic view, with care for vitality, emotional stability, and purpose-finding. With a focus on; breathwork, sleep, nutrition, and movement. In an online session, the coach will give personalized lifestyle advice, supported by your bio-data. This combination of online Glimp-coaching and guided breathwork for home improves employee well-being.

Intuitive guidance

Targeted guidance

The combination of intuitive vibrations and auditory feedback ensures that you do not get distracted by the exercise itself. And science agrees, it's best to focus on something tangible in both hands.

Breathing synchronization

The Pebbles learn to listen

The Pebbles will learn how you feel and listen to your body's signals. So no matter how you feel, we will slowly take you to the right breathing rhythm.

HRV stress score

Daily Stress Score

The Pebbles live with you from day to day. In the application, you can immediately see how you are doing today. The bio-sensors measure stress in your body and adjust the exercises accordingly.

 "Ik ben al heel lang op zoek om 'de adem' meetbaar te maken in mijn therapie. Dat lukt niet met mindfulness-apps."

Willem Lootens


"Some doors only open from the inside, breath is a way of accessing that door."

Max Strom


“The perfect breath is this: Breathe in for about 5.5 seconds, then exhale for 5.5 seconds. That’s 5.5 breaths a minute for a total of about 5.5 liters of air.”

James Nestor

Breath researcher

"Following the vibrations works better for me than counting in your head, as you sometimes have to do during meditation."

Caiseal Beardow

Product user

The team

Advisory board


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