Catch your breath
Glimp helps you to become stress-resilient, 
through the healthy habit of conscious breathing
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Start the healthy habit of conscious breathing

Through daily guided breathing exercises, personalized to your tempo.

The smart breathing coach in your palms

Breath training helps to get stress resilient

Our breathing plan will improve wellbeing, productivity and stress resilience by 19%, in 1 month.

Learn to unwind from everyday stress through different breathing techniques. The unique bio-sensor inside synchronizes with the breathing and can monitor mental health.

Deep & conscious breathing is the most effective way to reduce anxiety, improve stress resilience and lower your stress levels. It signals the body to relax and calms your mind.

Discover the science of breathing

Reduce stress


Fall asleep faster


Prevent burnout

Breathe along with the vibrations
Intuitive guidance
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Breathe in

Breathe out

The healthy habit of conscious breathing

Results after 1 month breathing with Glimp


Less stress

Measured with PSS
(Cohen, 1983)


Less chance to burnout

Measured with BAT
(Schaufeli, 2020)


Experienced improved
sleep quality

Research with 45 participants

Track your progress

connected with glimp app

See the effect of the breathing exercises on your body. Get insight in your mental health and see your progress along the way.

More than a gadget, professional care

Direct access to certified Glimp-coach. In a 30 min. online session, the breathing coach can give personalised lifestyle advice, supported by your personal bio-data.

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User Reviews

Here’s what a few of Glimp’s fans had to say:

"My mind always wanders during meditation...the vibrations help keep my focus on breathing!"

Marco Zijlstra

Glimp User

"It’s very easy and intuitive to follow the vibrations! It works better for me than counting in your head, like you have to do with most meditation apps. And it's nice to have NO screens or apps around you for once."

Caiseal Beardow

Glimp User

"I have been looking for a long time to make 'the breath' measurable in my therapy. That doesn't work with mindfulness apps."

Willem Lootens

Breath Coach

“The pleasant feedback provided by the Pebbles makes it very easy to really immerse yourself in the exercises”

Martijn Van den Ende

Breath Coach

"I’ve always struggled with finding a moment to unwind during the week. The combination of the Pebbles and the practical tips during the Glimp-coaching really helped me make a habit of 'unwinding'."

Tess Peters

Glimp User

"My 82-year-old mother was suffering from stress complaints. Through the use of the Pebbles, she now feels more relaxed and better understands how to calm down through breathing. Highly recommended!"


Glimp Fan

Frequenty asked questions

Why not just use an app for this?


We’ve spoken to many of you, while mindfulness apps can be useful… sticking to a daily routine with them is often challenging. The vibrations will distract your wandering mind and help you to truly focus on your breathing to immerse yourself in the exercise. Moreover, the Pebbles will really teach you HOW to do the breathing exercises and afterwards you can see how you did! Something that can’t be done with only an app.

Plus, we hope that seeing your progress in the app will motivate you to keep on practicing this healthy habit!

What do the Pebbles measure?


We’re on the same level as your usual smartwatch. Biomarkers like Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) and Skin Temperature will help us to determine your personal wellbeing score. We’re mainly focusing on the effect the breathing exercise has on your body so we can recommend you personalized exercises!

How often should I use the Pebbles?


We recommend 10 minutes a day, for at least 2 months straight. This will give you enough time to habituate the breathing techniques and feel the positive health effects!

What about data-privacy?


All data is stored and processed anonymously! We’re purelely collecting data to offer you personal (mental) health insights.

Color your calm

Find the color that resonates with you, sandstone white or marine blue?

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