Regain control of your life

Say goodbye to stress

Do you ever feel exhausted after a long day at work?

Being busy and stressed out has become the norm. We found that too little attention is paid to preventing burnout and that good care often comes too late.

You might have tried these...

But none of them work for you? It is not your fault!

Mindfulness Apps

You found yourself constantly looking at the screen or listening carefully to the voice prompts, trying to keep up with the complex breathing rhythm. You find it hard to really relax.

Health Trackers

You had a lot of data, but you still didn't know how to handle the stress. The very limited breathing sessions didn't really help, making it hard to keep up.

Self Meditation

You've tried meditating on your own to relax, but found that you can't get into the zone without guidance. Consciously adjusting your pace makes it harder and harder to relax.

This makes your fight against stress a frustrating pursuit. But what if you could develop a breathing habit to manage stress?

Start a healthy habit
of conscious breathing

The smart breathing coach in your palms

The proof is in the science

The Pebbles can help you get into the habit of taking a daily moment of rest. Slow, deep breathing is the most effective way to reduce anxiety and stress levels. Breath training helps to deal with high workload, it enhances cognitive function and positive thought (Zelano, 2016). It signals your body to relax and puts you at ease. In the long-term, you'll find that Pebbles provide you with greater resistance to stress.


Less stress

Measured with PSS(Cohen, 1983)


Experienced improved sleep quality

Research with 45 participants


Less chance to burnout

Measured with BAT(Schaufeli, 2020)

Control of your breathing rhythm in your own hands

Equipped with an advanced haptic engine, Pebbles uses delicate vibrations to guide your every breath, from speed to intensity. This all happens so easily and intuitively that you don't need to be aware of them.

With Pebbles, you no longer have to count your breaths or focus on your screen or any voice commands. All breathing can happen naturally, allowing your mind to fully relax.

Pebble left

Breathe in

Pebble right

Breathe out

Understands your efforts, understands you better

Through our unique bio-sensor, the app will give you insight in your overall mental health. Biomarkers like Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) and Skin Temperature  will help us to determine your personal wellbeing score.

Get yourself supported
by professional coaches

With customised content and programmes from Glimp's partner breathing coaches, you'll always be on the right track to steadily improve and gain control over stress. You won't be confused because you don't know how to continue exercising, and you'll be able to clearly see the training you've done and how you're gradually getting better and better.

A moment of calm for every moment of the day

Pebbles are with you every step of the way


Breathe the morning breeze
Start your day with a quick breathing exercise to boost focus and energy.


Catch your breath
Recharge during your lunch break with 10 minutes of breathing exercises.


Deep meditation
Signal your body to relax and calm your mind.


Bedtime relaxation
Let Pebble guide you through a sleep session to help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.

Loved by coaches and users

4.3 out of 5

Here’s what a few of Glimp’s fans had to say:

Keeps me focus

"My mind always wanders during meditation...the vibrations help keep my focus on breathing!"

Marco Zijlstra

Glimp User

It's very easy and intuitive to...

"It’s very easy and intuitive to follow the vibrations! It works better for me than counting in your head, like you have to do with most meditation apps. And it's nice to have NO screens or apps around you for once."

Caiseal Beardow

Glimp User

I have been looking for a long time...

"I have been looking for a long time to make 'the breath' measurable in my therapy. That doesn't work with mindfulness apps."

Willem Lootens

Breath Coach

Great for breathing excercise

“The pleasant feedback provided by the Pebbles makes it very easy to really immerse yourself in the exercises”

Martijn Van den Ende

Breath Coach

Helped me make a habit of "unwinding"

"I’ve always struggled with finding a moment to unwind during the week. The combination of the Pebbles and the practical tips during the Glimp-coaching really helped me make a habit of 'unwinding'."

Tess Peters

Glimp User

Highly recommended

"My 82-year-old mother was suffering from stress complaints. Through the use of the Pebbles, she now feels more relaxed and better understands how to calm down through breathing. Highly recommended!"


Glimp Fan

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The Pebbles help you build the healthy habit of conscious breathing.
Get daily guided breathing exercises and learn breathing techniques to get stress-resilient. Simply breathe along with the vibrations and track your progress in the app.

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Scientific, comprehensive,
and more outstanding

Breathing exercise

Audio support

Haptic feedback


stress reporting

Coach connection

Glimp Pebbles
Health Trackers
Mindfulness Apps
Mindfulness Gadgets

Breathing exercise

Audio support

Haptic feedback


stress reporting

Coach connection

Glimp Pebbles
Health Trackers
Mindfulness Apps
Mindfulness Gadgets

Glimp Pebbles



You will receive:
· A pair of Glimp Pebbles
· Cotton carrying pouch
· USB-A to 2 USB-C cable, 1.0 m
· Unlimited access to all coach contents
· Wellbeing and stress tracking

Free tracked delevery
Try for 14 days
100% money back



Pebble Size (L × H × D)

116 mm × 78 mm × 63 mm

Pebble Weight

63 g (per Pebble)


ABS/PC housing, TPE grip, PC lens


Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor for measuring heart rate and parameters



Power supply

5V DC 500 mA

Battery type

Lithium ion battery

Battery capaciry

650 mAh

Battery life

2 weeks*



Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth® 5 – Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE)

*Offline function will be available soon.
*The battery life of Pebbles is 2 weeks when running a 10 minutes sessison per day.


Try Pebbles for 14 days